Episode 1

Brad introduces the seven contestants of Season 5 of The Deported, the hit reality show that is the highest-rated television show in the history of television!

Episode 2

The contestants split into two camps when an argument breaks out over who is responsible for doing household chores, and both sides debate the matter. Brad invites viewers to vote to eliminate the illegal immigrant living in the house.

Episode 3

The contestants gang up against an audience favorite. Brad considers a career change.

Episode 4

The contestants enjoy playing games, and one contestant’s time on the show comes to an explosive end. Brad reveals a secret to the show’s remaining contestants.

Episode 5

The competition heats up and then cools down when Brad suggests to a contestant that sometimes, babies should be thrown out with bathwater.

Episode 6

Which contestant will win the ultimate prize? Find out in the exciting conclusion of Season 5 of The Deported!


Where are they now? Catch up with your friends from Season 5 of The Deported!